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Interested in Romance Studies?

Romance Studies embrace the study of languages, cultures and literatures of Romance language speaking countries. You can learn and deepen French, Italian and Spanish. We are looking beyond, i.e. on the influence of literary authors on social, cultural and political developments on those countries, on the development of the several languages and on their employed in publicity and politics. Focusing on actuality, we analyse language and literature in film, radio, theatre and in the new media.

During your studies you follow obligatory courses in langue practice, literature and linguistics and you can emphasise special topics as translation, media, transculturality or on learning a further Romance language.

To undertake yout studies at our department please note that C1 level in German and B1 level in French or Spanish or Italian are required.

For application and enrolment please click here!

In case of questions please contact our team responsible for study guidance and counselling.

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