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Plan your stay

  1. Please read the information on our website carefully - here you will find answers to almost all of your questions.
    Be sure to read the FAQ as well!
  2. Submit your Learning Agreement by the deadline so we can check and approve it. For information about the deadline and possible course selection, please see below.
  3. Later you will have to register for the approved courses - you will receive an email as soon as this is possible.

    At the Department of Romance Studies, we are only responsible for academic matters: Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records, etc.
    The International Office is responsible for administrative, non-academic matters: enrollment, housing, HHU-Card, etc.
  • Winter term: July 30th
  • Summer term: January 30th

    PS: We recommend that you let us check and sign the document before you send it to your coordinators at your home university, to be sure that you don't have to make any unnecessary changes.
  • Submit your Learning Agreement by  or, if your university does not use its own document, through the OLA-Portal, so we can review and confirm your course selection. 
  • Important: You must take at least 2 courses from the Department of Romance Studies per semester. In addition, you can take other courses, but only from the areas listed below - please note the additional information.
  • Important: In Germany, there is a completely new range of courses every semester and only a few courses are offered regularly. We therefore recommend that you only prepare your Learning Agreement once the new course catalog is online.



Institut für Romanistik 
(Romance Studies)

As many courses as you want - but at least 2 courses per semester (mandatory)

List with courses + ECTS of the Insitute für Romance Studies:


Institut für Germanistik
(German Studies)

Up to 4 courses per semester

Institut für Angliskt
(English Studies)

Up to 2 courses per semester
Important: English language certificate B2 (BA-Students) or C1 (MA-Students) required. Please send the certificate along with the Learning Agreement to S. López.

Institut für Medien- und Kulturwissenschaften
(Media and Cultural Studies)

As many courses as you want

Profilbildung (Fachübergreifender Wahlpflichtbereich)
(Interdisciplinary Compulsive Electives)

As many courses as you want



Deutsch als Fremdsprache
(German as a foreign language)

As many courses as you want (placement test required, more information in FAQ)

(Other language courses)

As many courses as you want (placement test required, more information in FAQ)

Studium Universale
(General Studies Centre)

As many courses as you want
Here you can find courses from other faculties (Business Administration, Law and many more)

In the Student Academy you will also find many other courses!

List with courses + ECTS of the Insitute für Romance Studies:

We do not have information about ECTS at other Departments / areas. If you do not find any information in the course description, please contact the lecturers by email and ask them. For more information, see FAQ. 

Important: Some courses do not offer exams + grades. Read more about this in the FAQ section "What does...mean?"

Advice: You can leave the ECTS field of the Learning Agreement “Before the mobility” empty, and then later change that in the section "During the mobility".

You will find the course offer in the university’s course catalogue. Please use the German version, the English version is not always up to date.

In the video on the right, you can see how our course catalogue works.

Please note:

  • The course offerings are different every semester, so you have to wait until the new course catalog is published:
    > Courses of the winter semester will be published around July
    > Courses of the summer semester will be published around December.
  • If you want to see the courses offered in previous semesters, you have to click on the corresponding semester manually. Please follow the instructions in the video.
  • The structure of the course catalogue has been slightly changed. In this document you will find the most important changes

You still have questions about the course catalogue? Then please have a look at our FAQ.

Registration will open shortly before the semester starts: 

  • Winter term: approx. at the beginning of September
  • Summer term: approx. at the beginning of March

It is very important that you register on time for the courses approved in your Learning Agreement as some of them might have a limited capacity. In order to register, you need your Student ID. In the video on the right, you can see how the registration works.

If you have not yet received your Student ID or have some other questions about the registration, please check our FAQ.

Registering for the German and English language courses for Erasmus students is only possible after taking the mandatory placement test. Please find more information about this test in our FAQ.


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