Bachelor Study Programme in Romance Languages and Literatures

You can study the Bachelor programme in Romance Languages and Literatures with a Romance language as major or minor subject. You can choose French, Italian or Spanish as languages. There are no admission restrictions. You start your chosen Romance language at Level B1. We check in the framework of a placement test whether you have already reached this level or whether we can  recommend additional language courses for you.

The programme lasts six semesters and encompasses the four sub-areas listed below. It ends with the Bachelor thesis in Philology or Literary Studies. You can also focus on a special area, e.g. media and
culture studies.

Area 1: Practical language training

Acquisition of fundamental and advanced skills in oral and written command of the target language, e.g. through translations or text work.

Area 2: Philology

Introduction to history of language and theory and areas of application of Romance philology, in-depth studies in the framework of lectures and advanced courses.

Area 3: Literary studies

Introduction to the history of literature in a Romance language, text analysis and literary theory,  in-depth studies in the framework of lectures and advanced courses.

Area 4: Elective modules

Here you can choose freely from the following areas:

  • Language training in a further Romance language
  • Media Communication
  • Culture and Regional Studies
  • Fields of Application of Philology
  • Translation
  • Media and Society


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